About Me

Hi, I’m Ashley!

I am a nurse turned stay-at-home mom, and I love living a simple, debt-free lifestyle.  I have always enjoyed helping people, which is why I chose nursing in the first place. Through our financial journey struggles, I found my true passion is helping families organize and prioritize their finances so they can live a more fulfilling life with way less financial stress. I want to help families find financial freedom through simple frugal living.

As the Commander of our household, I am really good at…

  • Budgeting
  • Saving
  • Shopping
  • Managing our chaotic household
  • Keeping our three crazy kids alive and away from the E.R. (this is my freaking super power!)

Some random facts about me…

  1.  I was born in Pennsylvania but grew up in a small town in Delaware.
  2. I love lazy days.
  3. I am a recovering spender who has had a total of 27 credit cards.
  4. I love to sew.
  5. My husband and I were together 6 years before we got married; most of our family never thought it would happen!
  6. I love my coffee in the morning with milk and sugar and I need it to function.
  7. I am late for everything!
  8. My favorite season is Fall.
  9. I love the beach!
  10.  I am the biggest Harry Potter nerd EVER!

How we became debt-free…

Before we became debt-free, we had a whopping $277,000 of debt that included credit cards, student loans, car loans, a home repair loan, and a rental property. It took us four years, and two tries to become debt-free. The second time came after a couple of unexpected expenses popped up, and worse, our rental property was vandalized. We were stressed, frustrated, and felt helpless and defeated. We always thought we were financially secure, but really we were just one disaster away from BROKE! We decided we needed to change our attitude about money and our spending behaviors. We learned how to budget, save, and how to pay off our debt. Over the past four years, we paid off the total entire $277,000 worth of debt. It took hard work, discipline, and a tiny bit of good fortune, but we are finally debt-free except for our current mortgage. Our debt-free journey taught us to live a more simple life, and by doing that, we learned to change our attitude about money and our spending behaviors….we learned contentment. Now I want to help other families find the same financial freedom that we did by living a simpler more frugal lifestyle. Thanks for stopping by!