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13 Best PayPal Reward Apps to Earn Cashback on Your Shopping

Here lately, with the cost of pretty much everything up significantly, most of us are looking for ways to save money wherever we can. While coupon clipping is a great way to save, it can be time-consuming and tedious.

Coupon clipping typically isn’t my thing, but cashback apps definitely are…I absolutely love cashback apps!

Cashback apps are the easiest way to get coupon savings without wasting time clipping coupons. I have used many over the past seven years and have found the ones I like the best are the apps that pay directly to Paypal.

So, here are my favorite tried and true Paypal reward apps that help me earn money back for everyday shopping in-store and online.

Disclaimer:  This post may contain affiliate links. This means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost, if you purchase using the links below. Please see my earnings disclaimer for more details.

How do cashback deals work?

Cashback apps work by combining spending money with making money. When customers shop, the cashback apps give the customers a percentage of the money spent back to them.

You may be asking how they can do this? These cashback apps/sites receive a commission for sending customers to the retailers they partner with. They take a portion of their commission and pass the savings on to the app users.

To earn the cashback deals, app users either shop through the link in the app or scan a receipt to earn money back.

Paypal Reward Apps

Best PayPal cash earning apps

Now on to the top Paypal reward apps that offer the best cashback!


Ibotta is one of my top apps to help me save on groceries. I love how I can link my Walmart account and use it with my grocery pickup (so I don’t even have to scan receipts).

Ibotta is constantly evolving and improving its app, which is why it’s one of the favorites among the frugal living community. Not to mention, they are partnered with more than 1500 retailers and brands to give us the most cash back on our shopping.

Ibotta is super simple to use, and earning cash back is as easy as…

  • Shopping in-store and submitting a receipt for the offers you redeem.
  • Ordering groceries online for pickup or delivery by linking your loyalty card or account.
  • Shopping online through the app to earn rebates.
  • Buying gift cards to eligible stores. 

You can earn even more by completing the bonuses and inviting friends to use the app! When your balance reaches $20, you can transfer it to Paypal, a bank account, or a gift card.


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Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is a fun way to earn free Paypal money by submitting any of your receipts.

There are several ways to submit your receipts.

  • Upload your purchases by submitting a photo of the receipt.
  • Link your email address so you get credit for receipts emailed to you.
  • Link your Amazon account to get credit for your Amazon purchases.
  • Link your loyalty cards or shopping accounts, such as Kroger, Walmart, Target, Lowes, etc. 

You can cash out to Paypal or get Visa or Amazon gift cards when you get 1,000 coins (1,000 coins equals $5).

There are also several ways to earn even more coins in Receipt Hog.

  • Take short online surveys.
  • Invite your friends to join and earn 250 extra coins.
  • Earn spins for the hog slots to get a chance to earn more coins.
  • Each receipt earns an entry into the monthly sweepstakes drawing, where you could win 5000 coins. 

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 works similarly to Ibotta. You select the offers you want to redeem and scan your receipt to earn cash back.

Although the app doesn’t have as many offers as Ibotta, its cashback value is excellent. In addition, you can use them in combination with coupons to save even more.

You can transfer to Paypal, redeem for free gift cards, or request a check when you get to $20 or more in your account.

To earn more toward your Checkout 51 balance, you can

  • Shop online through the links in the app and get a percentage back from your purchases.
  • Take surveys that you qualify for.
  • Use the digital pharmacy card and get instant savings at the pharmacy.
  • Watch short videos that are available in the app.

Rakuten (previously Ebates)

Rakuten is the OG of the online shopping rebate platforms. It is my favorite app for my online shopping, especially Christmas shopping!

The app is really easy to use. You earn a percentage of your purchase back by:

  • Shopping online through the link in the app or on the website.
  •  Linking your card and activating an offer to shop in-store.

Rakuten sends you a “Big Fat Check” every three months, or you can set up a Paypal transfer to send the money directly to your Paypal account.

More ways to earn extra cashback:

  • Download the browser extension and get a notification to activate offers when you shop.
  • Refer friends when they sign up and spend $30; you each get $30.
  • Shop bonus offers for qualifying purchases from select retailers; some stores offer double and triple rewards (especially during holidays).


Tada is a great app that helps you get money back on both in-store and online purchases. There are several ways to earn cashback.

  • Add offers and redeem them by submitting a receipt.
  •  Shop through the link to get a percentage of cash back (I love using this for my Kroger pickup orders because I can’t scan my emailed receipt in Ibotta).
  •  Scan products at the store (similar to Shopkick) and earn extra money toward your balance.
  •  Check out the store deals (right now, they have $1 cashback on gas at certain stores).

When your cashback balance gets to $20, you can transfer it to your linked Paypal account or redeem it for a number of gift cards, including Walmart, Amazon, and Starbucks.

More ways to earn extra cashback with Tada is to visit the website. There you can…

  • Print coupons and earn $.01 for every coupon printed and $.10 when you redeem it at the store.
  • Download their browser extension to automatically apply coupon codes and save when shopping online.
  • Complete the simple tasks on the daily to-do list and earn extra bonuses.


Dosh is an excellent cashback app that is so simple to use. You just link your credit card and start earning cash rewards. No submitting receipts! 

The only downside is you have to use a credit card or run your debit card as credit to earn the cashback. This doesn’t always work if you’re just using a debit card like I do because you can’t always run it as credit. But it is still an awesome app!

More ways to earn cashback with the Dosh app…

  • Shop online offers through the dosh link on the app and earn a percentage back on your shopping.
  •  Book hotels using the dosh link and earn cash back when booking your hotel reservation.
  •  Refer friends and receive $10 when they sign up, link a credit card, and make their first purchase.

You can transfer to Paypal, Venmo, or your bank account when you reach a $25 balance. is a cool cashback app that deposits the money directly to your PayPal as soon as you redeem an offer. So, there is no minimum payout threshold, and waiting to accrue a certain amount before transferring it to your Paypal.

To earn cashback, choose the offers you want to redeem and scan and submit your receipt or link your loyalty card.

Paypal Reward Apps


Honey is a great addition to online shopping. You can earn cashback by…

  • Shopping through the app to get a percentage back.
  • Activating double cashback for top stores.

When you earn 1,000 gold, you can redeem it for a $10 PayPal transfer or gift card.

To save even more money with Honey, you can…

  • Look up coupon codes in the app for the stores you shop.
  • Customize your app for the deals and stores you’re interested in.
  • Add items to your droplist to be notified when prices drop.
  • Add the browser extension to your computer, and you can activate cashback offers, search for coupon codes, add to your droplist, and check the price trend.

Earn even more money when you refer friends to start saving!


Swagbucks is another fantastic app to earn PayPal money. Not only can you earn cashback from shopping, but it also gives you other ways to save and make money.

To earn cashback for shopping, you can…

  • Shop online through the app and earn a percentage back.
  •  Submit receipts after activating offers.
  •  Buy gift cards through MyGiftCardsPlus and receive a percentage back on your purchase.
  •  Scan items at specific stores and earn points.
  •  Use Swagbucks prescription coupons and earn 100 SB for every prescription a coupon is redeemed.

More ways to earn extra Swagbucks are…

  1. Complete surveys in your free time.
  2.  Watch mobile advertising and get rewarded for your feedback.
  3.  Sign up for offers or play games through the app.

When you reach 500 Swagbucks (SB), you can withdraw to your Paypal account or redeem for gift cards such as Visa, Amazon, or Walmart. Make sure to check out the on-sale rewards because sometimes you can score good gift cards for a certain percentage off (ex., a $25 Amazon gift card for 2,175 SB instead of 2,500).


Shopkick is a fun money-making app where you earn kicks to redeem for PayPal money or gift cards. There are several ways of earning cashback kicks.

  • Earn points by walking inside the store.
  • Scan specific items that are listed for the store you’re in.
  • Submit a receipt for one of the scanned items you bought.
  • Link your credit card and receive kicks per dollar at qualifying stores (in-store and online).
  • Watch short videos to earn kicks.
  • Invite friends to enjoy the Shopkick app and earn extra.

When you total 2,550 kicks, you can redeem them for PayPal money or one of many gift cards.


TopCashBack app is a straightforward cashback app. You earn money back by shopping through the links in the app.

It has some really cool features that are unique to cashback apps.

  • You can transfer to PayPal immediately as long as you have a minimum of $.01, or you can redeem for gift cards at $5.
  • You can send friends or family members a special link to shop through and earn cash back from their purchases (if they don’t want to join)

You can also earn $30 for every person you refer who signs up and earns $10 in cashback.

Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates work similarly to other online shopping cashback apps. You get a certain percentage back on your purchases, and you can find coupon codes on the app to use with your shopping.

The really cool thing about this app is its referral program. You don’t just get a one-time bonus. When you refer a friend, you get 20% of their rebates when they shop (at no cost to them)…for life! How awesome is that?!


The Upside app is a fantastic free mobile app where you earn cashback on gas! And because gas is so freaking expensive right now, and we could all use a bit of relief at the pump. The only thing I have found that is better is if you have store loyalty gas points from grocery stores. The Upside app can get you cheaper gas than even Walmart!

You earn cashback on your gas purchases by downloading the app, searching for gas stations near you, activating the offer, and scanning the receipt. You have a specific timeframe you need to use your activated offer, so make sure to only activate the offer right before your gas purchase.

Other ways to earn cashback in the Upside app is to…

  • Activate restaurant offers and scan the receipt when you pay with a debit or credit card.
  • Activate grocery offers, shop, and scan your receipts.
  • Refer a friend, and you both get a one-time extra $.15/gallon bonus, plus you’ll earn $.01/gallon for every gallon they buy in the future.

You can transfer to your Paypal app or your bank account with a $1 minimum, or you can redeem for gift cards when your account totals $10.


Cashback apps are an easy way to earn money back, especially for those of us who aren’t about the coupon clipping life. They offer coupon savings without the tedious act of clipping coupons.

Most importantly, with the cost of everything right now, stretching a dollar further can make a difference for most of us.

So, make sure to download a couple of your favorite PayPal reward apps and start making the most of your money!

Which app is your favorite? Leave a comment below.

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