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12 Awesome Ibotta Tips and Tricks to Earn the Most Cash Back

Ibotta is easily one of my favorite cashback apps that I use. It’s my secret weapon to save on groceries and part of my weekly meal planning and grocery shopping routine.

And since I have been using Ibotta since 2014, I thought I would share some Ibotta hacks that I have learned over the years.

So, today we’ll discuss the essential details about the app and all the Ibotta tips and tricks to maximize your savings.

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What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is a rebate cashback app. 

It’s a great way to coupon without actually using coupons. This is an awesome way to save for those of us who are not about that couponing life.  

How to use Ibotta app?

Ibotta is a simple app to use. Follow these steps to get started using the app.

Sign up 

Download the app and sign up for an account. Signing up is super simple, just input your basic information and submit. Click here to sign up and get $5 free!

Review and pick offers

Next, look over the offers and choose which ones you want to shop for. Some may require you to watch an ad, but not many.

Redeem receipt

After you shop, take a picture of the receipt or QR code to redeem your offers.  

Ibotta cash back 

When you get to $20 in your Ibotta account, it can be transferred directly to your bank account, Paypal, or you can put the amount on a gift card. 

Ibotta app tips and tricks

How to get the most out of Ibotta?

Here are the best Ibotta tips and tricks to save you the most money.

Browse the app before shopping

The first thing you should do is look at the offers on the app.  

New deals come out all the time with no specific day or time.  So, make sure to look frequently.

Also, make sure to look through all the tabs because new deals aren’t always listed under the new deals tab.

Meal Plan

Create a meal plan for the week, bi-week, or month. This will help you make your grocery list and see what Ibotta savings make the most sense to take advantage of.  


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Don’t buy stuff just to get the rebate

Some rebates are really tempting because the rebate amount is pretty high. 

But, if you can get your regular or store brand item for cheaper, it makes no sense to spend more just for the cashback. 

And definitely don’t buy the stuff you know your not going to use just to get the cashback…that’s a waste of money! 


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Ibotta bonuses

Check out the bonuses as well as the rebates offered. Bonuses are an added incentive to redeem specific brands.   

For example, they had this back-to-school Peanut Butter Jelly Time bonus where you redeem 4 offers and get an additional $2 back. 

The awesome part is most of the offers were 100% free for their back-to-school free rebates!

ibotta tips and tricks
ibotta tips and tricks

Ibotta giveaways

Make sure to check out the back-to-school and Thanksgiving giveaways. 

Back to school

Look for the more than $20 of cashback offers around school time. This past year (2021 school year), Ibotta offered:

  • Five Star three-subject notebook, $4.30
  • Del Monte fruit cups, $2.50
  • 12-pack Ticonderoga pencils, $2,39
  • 110-count box Kleenex, $1.89
  • Loaf of Nature’s Own Bread, $2.84
  • Jar of Skippy Peanut Butter, $2.53
  • Three-pack Paper Mate Erasers, $1.39
  • Smucker’s Fruit Spread squeeze bottle, $2.54

This is a ton of great stuff for basically free after the rebate!

ibotta tips and tricks

Ibotta Thanksgiving giveaway

Ibotta has partnered with Walmart to offer a free Thanksgiving Dinner for the past couple of years. This past year (2021), Ibotta offered rebates for:

  • Turkey (any brand), up to $15 
  • McCormick Gravy, $1.12
  • Coca-Cola (2-liter bottle), $1.98
  • Campbell’s Mushroom Soup, $0.98
  • Birds Eye Vegetables (Green Beans), $1
  • Idahoan Potatoes, $1.88
  • Jiffy Corn muffin mix, honey, $0.67
  • Great Value Flavored Stuffing, $0.82
  • Great Value Cranberry Sauce, $1.28
  • Great Value French Fried Onions, $2.28

Invite and refer Ibotta friends

Inviting your friends to use the Ibotta app pays! For each friend you refer to Ibotta, you earn $10. 

They give you your own referral code that can be shared on social media or text messages.

Or, if you want, you can become an affiliate to get paid to promote the Ibotta brand.

ibotta tips and tricks

Use the web extension

Make sure to install the web extension on your computer. This way, you never miss a deal!  

The really nice thing is when you checkout on a website, Ibotta will prompt you to activate the cashback on the website you’re shopping at.  

ibotta tips and tricks

Join the Ibotta Community

Joining the Ibotta community is another valuable tool saving money.

The members answer any questions you may have and list the deals they score with Ibotta and other stackable coupons and apps. It’s a great resource to use to find the best sales.

Buy gift cards

Formally Ibotta Pay, you can now buy digital gift cards and receive a percentage back. 

So, whether you’re buying to spend them yourself or buying them as gifts, you can take advantage of instant cashback from them.  

I have even doubled up and bought a Walmart gift card for my grocery budget. So, I get cash back on my gift card purchase, and then take advantage of the offers as I shop.  

ibotta tips and tricks

Skip having to scan receipts and link your loyalty cards or shop through the store links. 

It’s effortless, and you don’t have to worry about if you lose your receipt with a ton of redeemable offers on it (ask me how I know!).

Also, keep an eye out for extra money incentives to shop through the links. I have come across $.50 to $3 incentives to shop through the Ibotta link to the Walmart Grocery Pickup or online!

ibotta tips and tricks

Use with other coupons and cashback apps

If you’re a couponer, use your coupons to combine and increase your savings.  

Also, use other cashback apps in conjunction with Ibotta. I pair my Dosh and Fetch apps to increase my earning potential. 

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Ibotta any item

Check the Ibotta any brand offers. Sometimes these offers can be stacked with another brand name offer for extra savings. 

Frequently asked questions about using Ibotta

Here are the most asked questions about Ibotta cheats.

How do you get a lot of money on Ibotta?

The more rebates you take advantage of, the more savings you will have. Just be careful you’re not buying just to get money back.

What does limit 5 on Ibotta mean?

If an Ibotta rebate says limit 5, you can redeem the coupon up to 5 times.

This differs from some of the rebates that read must buy 2, which means you must purchase two to qualify for the savings.   

Can I use old receipts on Ibotta?

Yes! You have 7 days from your purchase date and time to submit your receipt. This is great because I always forget to scan my receipts right away.

Where did all my teammates go on Ibotta?

Sadly, Ibotta did away with the team savings. Although that’s kind of a bummer. There are still tons of Ibotta deals and bonuses you can take advantage of.  

Can you get banned from Ibotta?

Yes! If you try to cheat the app, you will be banned from Ibotta.

 Don’t do the following:

  • use fake, doctored, or someone else’s receipts
  • buy stuff for the rebate and then return it 
  • sign up for another Ibotta account and try to double-dip

Can you use coupons.com and Ibotta?

Manufacturer coupons can be stacked with Ibotta. So, coupons.com and the app work as well.


Ibotta is a cashback app every frugal person needs to take advantage of.

I have increased my cashback earnings with these tips and tricks and have made the most of my grocery budget, and I know you can too!

What Ibotta tips and tricks do you use to save money? Leave a comment below!

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  1. This was very insightful! I used to have the Ibotta app a few years ago but didn’t really feel like I was getting anywhere with it. But with your tips and information, I may give it a try again! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. This is a great post. I have the Ibotta app, but haven’t been using it that regularly. I am now motivated to explore more of the app and save more grocery money. Thanks for sharing these great tips!

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