damn delicious freezer meals

40 Damn Delicious Freezer Meals to Save Time and Money

Are you looking for ways to save time and money on meals? Freezer meals are a great way to do just that!

You may think that the prep is time-consuming, but if you double or triple the meal you’re already making, it takes no time. So, stop buying from the freezer section of the grocery store and make your own!

Here is a list of the best budget-friendly and damn delicious freezer meals you need to try!

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damn delicious freezer meals

Busy Morning Freezer Meals

Having a quick breakfast you can pop in the microwave or oven for those hectic mornings is a busy mom’s secret weapon. Here are some great freezer-friendly meals that you can portion into individual servings for the most important meal of the day.

Overnight French Toast

overnightfrenchtoast 1

This delicious overnight french toast is easy and cheap to make. You soak it overnight and then cook it in a frying pan. To freeze, put them in a Ziploc bag until you’re ready to have again for breakfast.

Croissant Breakfast Sandwich

breakfast sandwich

Who doesn’t love a breakfast sandwich?! These freezer croissant breakfast sandwiches are filled with eggs, your favorite meat, and cheese! A tasty breakfast treat for any morning!

Cherry Strawberry Smoothie Pack

make ahead cherry strawberry smoothie pack

These smoothie packs are easy and quick to make for your morning smoothie. You could even add a bit of spinach and a scoop of your favorite nut butter for a bit more nutrition!

Air Fryer Breakfast Empanadas

air fryer breakfast empanadas

These air fryer breakfast empanadas are so easy and so good! Great for breakfast on the go. Make a big batch to freeze for another busy morning.

Easy Cinnamon Apple Muffins

apple muffins

These cinnamon apple muffins are a wonderful quick breakfast or after-school snack. Just thaw or pop in the microwave for a quick bite to eat.

Strawberries and Cream Baked Oatmeal

strawberries and cream baked oatmeal 1

Strawberries and cream baked oatmeal is a scrumptious breakfast or snack! Make double and freeze for a busy morning.

Ham & Cheese Egg Muffins

egg cups1

These ham and cheese egg muffins are an easy and super quick breakfast that is packed full of nutrition! You could swap out the broccoli for any veggie and get creative with this breakfast treat. Store in a freezer bag until you’re ready to heat them up.

Breakfast Burritos

1st image Breakfast Burritos 720x1104 1

These freezer breakfast burritos are perfect for an on-the-go breakfast. Sausage, egg, cheese, and hash browns all rolled up in a tortilla make the best burritos! Make extra to freeze for busy mornings when you need a quick meal.

Crescent Roll Breakfast Casserole

crescent roll breakfast casserole 08 683x1024 1

This crescent roll breakfast casserole is great for weekend brunch or a holiday breakfast. It freezes great, so you can double the batch and freeze for when you need it. You could also package it into individual portions.

Sun-Dried Tomato Quiche

sun dried tomato quiche 1

This sun-dried tomato quiche is a wonderful dish that is great for breakfast, lunch, or in between!

Air Fryer Omelette

air fryer omelette

This thick and fluffy air fryer omelet is a delicious and nutritious breakfast. Packed with veggies, it’s quick, freezer friendly, and easy to reheat.

Homemade Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches

breakfast sandwich 2 1024x768 1

These homemade breakfast sandwiches are a tasty and filling meal on the go. English muffins with eggs, cheese, and sausage are a great combination!


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Traditional Lunch & Dinner Freezer Meals

Freezer-friendly recipes can save you both time and money on a busy night. Having homemade healthy freezer meals prepped will keep you from spending money on fast food and keep you stress-free about meal time. Here are some easy freezer meals recipes the whole family will love!

Old Fashioned Sloppy Joe

the best homemade sloppy joes

A quick 30-minute meal and freezer friendly, these old fashion sloppy joes will make a great lunch or dinner that your kids will love. You can freeze leftovers or double the recipe to have a quick heat-up meal on hand.

Homemade Bagel Bites

homemade bagel bites

Who doesn’t love bagel bites? These homemade bagel bites are easy to prep and a meal your kids will love (not to mention they’re way more budget-friendly)! Serve with some veggies and ranch on the side, and it’s an awesome and super quick meal.

Taco Casserole

taco casserole

A perfect addition to taco Tuesday! This taco casserole is amazing over tortilla chips with your favorite toppings.

Shepherd’s Pie

Easy Shepherds Pie

A great frozen dish to add to your freezer stash. This shepherd’s pie is a good hearty meal and perfect for a large family.

Chili Mac and Cheese

chili mac and cheese 08

This chili mac and cheese is the perfect combination of two classic dishes. Freeze the leftovers or double the batch for those busy weeknights.

The Pioneer Woman Meatloaf

Pioneer Woman Meatloaf Recipe 34 683x1024 1

This meatloaf recipe is so good! Ground beef wrapped in bacon, what’s not to love?! You can bake or throw it in the crock pot for an easy and delicious weeknight meal.

Slow Cooker Pineapple Chicken

freezer meal pineapple chicken 1024x683 1

This slow cooker pineapple chicken is a wonderful freezer meal to serve over white or brown rice with mixed veggies.

Air Fryer Chicken Tenders

air fryer chicken tenders 11

These air fryer chicken tenders are so good and simple to make. Freeze the leftovers or double the recipe for another easy meal for busy days.

Freezer Italian Herb Roasted Chicken & Potatoes

roasted chicken potatoes freezer meal

This roast chicken and potatoes is a great one-dish meal that is easy to meal prep. You can use chicken thighs or drumsticks for this healthy and hearty meal.

Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken

Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken 1

This salsa chicken is delicious over rice or shredded and stuffed in a tortilla. You can prep this in a ziptop bag and freeze for a quick dump meal or freeze leftovers for tacos.

Ground Beef Casserole

what serve with ground beef casserole claqbif5q00jrr01b3pov1i6q

This ground beef casserole uses simple pantry ingredients to create a heartwarming dish of cheesy flavors.

Grilled Buffalo Chicken

grilled buffalo chicken 4

Grilled buffalo chicken breasts is a delicious meal paired with a salad, as a sandwich, or with grilled vegetables and blue cheese dressing. You can freeze for a quick weeknight meal.

Slow Cooker Country BBQ Ribs

Country Style Ribs 1 2

These mouth-watering BBQ style ribs are perfect served with a side of rice. This recipe is freezer friendly and so tasty!

Best Lazy Cabbage Roll Casserole

lazy man cabbage roll casserole recipe 720x1080.jpg

I love cabbage rolls, but it can be tedious to prep and make them. This cabbage roll casserole is easy and so good, and it’s freezer friendly!

Pasta Freezer Meals

Pastas make a great cheap meal for a large family table, and they freeze perfectly. Here are some of the best pasta freezer meals.

Easy Freezer Lasagna

How to make easy lasagna

This freezer lasagna is cheaper than store-bought and tastes just as good (I think even better)! It’s easy to prepare and quick to pop into the oven on a night you don’t feel like making anything.

Million Dollar Meatball Casserole

meatball casserole

This Million dollar meatball casserole is kid-friendly and super simple to make. Perfect for busy nights when you don’t have the time to make dinner. Just pop it out of the freezer the night before, and heat it up the next day.

Pizza Casserole

Pizza Casserole

This pizza casserole is kid-friendly and really tasty! A perfect combination of pizza and pasta!

Pasta Al Forno (Baked Pasta)

Pasta al Forno Baked Pasta PN1 683x1024 1

This Pasta Al Forno recipe is a delicious combination of pasta, tomato sauce, and cheese baked to perfection! Make ahead and freeze for those busy nights you need a quick meal or you don’t feel like cooking.

Baked Ziti Recipe

baked ziti 5

Another great pasta dish. This baked ziti recipe is freezer-friendly and a really wonderful comfort food.

Chicken and Spinach Manicotti

manicotti post tall

This manicotti is cheese-baked perfection stuffed with chicken and spinach. A wonderful homemade version of store-bought pasta dishes.

Ravioli Lasagna

Ravioli Lasagna 2 730x1095 1

This ravioli lasagna is a wonderful cheesy dish! It’s simple to make and freeze. A perfect time-saving meal for busy weeknights.

Soups & Stews Freezer Meals

Soups and stews make easy weeknight meals on chilly fall or winter evenings. Here are some of the best easy soup recipes that make excellent freezer meals.

Dutch Oven Beef Stew

Dutch Oven Beef Stew

This hearty beef stew is a well-rounded meal perfect for those colder months of the year! It’s hearty and doesn’t need anything to go with it.

5-Minute Freezer Chicken Soup

make ahead freezer chicken soup pin

This 5-minute chicken soup is a quick one-pot meal. You can add extra veggies, rice, or noodles…the possibilities are endless!

Easy Brunswick Stew

brunswick stew recipe 12 of 13

Brunswick Stew is a traditional southern dish that is a great way to use leftover meats. It’s a hearty dish that freezes well for quick heat-up.

Slow Cooker Taco Soup

Set 5 3 scaled 1

Taco soup is a great one-dish meal. It freezes great and is quick to heat up. Serve with your favorite toppings like avocado, tortilla chips, sour cream, etc!

Instant Pot Navy Bean Soup

Instant pot Navy Bean Soup Hero

This navy bean soup is the perfect meal for those colder fall or winter nights. It’s quick and easy and is delicious with some crunchy bread!

Easy Three Bean Chili

3 bean chili

This easy three bean chili is perfect with some cornbread and cold weather. Make a double batch or freeze the leftovers.

Instant Pot Vegetable Beef Soup

beef vegetable soup instant pot

This hearty vegetable beef soup is a quick instant pot meal and freezer friendly for leftovers.


Busy nights will happen (probably more often than we would like). Having already prepped meals can help save you meal stress and money. Check out some of these easy homemade meal recipes to help save money and keep mealtime simple and stress-free!

What are your favorite homemade freezer meals? Leave a comment below!

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